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Regulations on Borrowing Vouchered Amphibian and R

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Regulations on Borrowing Vouchered Amphibian and Reptile Specimens

Herpetological Museum of Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS



1.       The museum is open from Monday to Friday (in working hours) and will be closed on weekends and national or institutional holidays.

2.       Before borrowing vouchered specimens, please carefully read and follow the Regulations.

3.       The borrower should fill out the "Application Form for Borrowing Vouchered Specimens", provide a list of requested specimens (including scientific names and localities) or voucher number, and submit them to the curator of the museum or the staff on duty for signature and approval. The form and the list should be submitted in advance or in person on paper or in electronic form, and then submit to the specimen administrator to obtain specimens.

4.       Only staffs of the museum are authorized to enter the Specimen Storeroom. Under special cases, specimen administrator will accompany you into the room. No carrying bags are allowed.

5.       All personnel can only check the vouchered specimens in the Examination Room. It is strictly prohibited to take the vouchered specimens out of the Examination Room without authorization.

6.       Borrowing vouchered specimens must strictly follow the procedures of taking specimen out and returning specimen. When the specimens are loaned and returned, specimen administrator must check the number of specimens and verify their status in person.

7.       It is strictly forbidden to dissect or sample vouchered specimens without authorization. If required, the "Application Form for Dissection and Sampling of Vouchered Specimens" should be filled out in advance. The purpose and content of research should be clearly stated in the form. After the application is approved by the curator, the "Regulations on Dissection and Sampling of Vouchered Specimens" must be strictly observed. The specimens should be dissected or sampled with the accompaniment of specimen administrator.

8.       Vouchered specimens and their labels should always be placed together. Separating label from specimen without authorization is strictly prohibited.

9.       Do not damage vouchered specimens and their labels and please take good care of the facility and instruments in the museum. If any damage is caused, specimen administrator should be informed immediately. No one should attempt to fix the damage without authorization.

10.    When borrowing type specimens and rare specimens from the collection, they must be inspected or measured with the accompany of the specimen administrator. Extreme care should be taken during examining or measuring to avoid damage.

11.    If any misidentification or taxonomic changes are found in the borrowed specimens, the specimen administrator or other staff of the museum should be informed to correct the issue.

12.    Published results based on vouchered specimens should be acknowledged in the paper. Once published, it is recommended that a paper or electronic copy of the publication is sent to the museum for record. Suggested acknowledgement template: we are grateful to the Herpetological Museum of Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the support and help in examining the collection.

13.    The above regulations are formulated by the museum, who has the ultimate right to interpret individual rules. The museum has the right to terminate any visit if the visitor fails to comply with these regulations and refuse any subsequent application.

14.    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Prof. Li Jia-tang (Curator).

Email: lijt@cib.ac.cn; Tel: (028) 82890776.

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